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First draft of fork manifesto

1Vangband manifesto (unpublished draft)
4Over the past few years, a number of people have observed that the pace of development of Angband has quickened significantly. To some people this has been a wholly positive thing, but a large number of people have expressed varying degrees of reservation or dismay that the game is changing so rapidly. To say that this has been a source of much tension and debate would be an understatement.
6Vangband is an attempt to please everybody, and create a fork of Angband with a mandate for rapid change. It will contain all the changes that any of us wanted to try out in V but daren't. It will change a lot as these things go in and then get adjusted or taken out again. This is its nature, and it will always be striving for balance and coherence following each change. But it should allow those interested in testing changes to have fun doing so, and should reassure fans of V that there is no longer any desire to change it radically. Changes in V will continue in a cautious and incremental way, which is what a lot of people want.
9A few things that Vangband isn't:
11- it isn't a complete rewrite. It will start as a fork of Angband 3.4-dev and continue with some of the changes described below. Sorry Python fans!
13- it isn't a variant with a theme - we're not suddenly going for a Cthulhu or Cyberpunk or McAffrey flavour. It will remain a 100-level Tolkein/D&D-esque dungeon romp. Probably.
15- it isn't a new version of V. It will be a very different experience (subject to the obvious framework of a 100-level dungeon with Morgoth at the bottom), and will have very little in common with V except their overlapping devteams.
17- there aren't any immediate plans for a wilderness or overground game (but we don't rule that out).
19- it won't have the same breadth of support that exists in V. If we can't test a particular platform, configuration or build environment, it will probably wither unsupported or be removed. (We will do our utmost to make Shockbolt's tiles work though! - and we will provide Windows builds.)
21- it won't be all things to all people. Some options might be added, and others removed, but the driver will be making development smoother.
23- it will probably focus on gameplay changes rather than UI improvements (though we're not averse to these, of course, and will pinch whatever we can from V or variants).
25- <maybe some more clarification here>
28Among other things, Vangband's roadmap will include:
30- a completely new approach to generating magical items, ego items and randarts. (There will still be non-random artifacts.)
32- new cursed items with quest-like connotations (and maybe new quests per se - maybe not)
34- more variety in dungeon levels (rooms ... vaults ... traps ... terrain ... (?))
36- changes to stores (maybe dungeon stores)
38- significant changes to combat, taking the best of V/O/Crawl combat models
40- changes to monsters (not so much to names/flavour, but to power and depth distribution, including "ego" monsters)
42- 4GAI (or maybe 5G)
44- changes to spells and effects, with both defined in edit files
46- some changes to races and classes. Probably.
48The above list is intended as an illustration of breadth only, and there is not yet any kind of consensus over priority or timescale. We are also hoping that player feedback will significantly shape the game - we can be more responsive and worry less about breaking any traditions.
50<maybe website/bugtracker/download details here, assuming this is published at launch>