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Ticket Summary Owner Type Resolution Created Ticket
#488 Make monster status changes (confuse/sleep/scare) effective and useful GabeCunningham change fixed (in master) 11 years
#746 Replace branding spells and prayers with temporary brand takkaria change fixed (in master) 10 years
#1488 Too many actions are possible while confused myshkin change wontfix 8 years
#2066 Bad teleport range bug fixed (in master) 6 months
#2069 Suggested undead spell for necromancers change fixed (in master) 6 months
#2070 Morgoth has no SPIRIT bug fixed (in master) 6 months
#2072 Junk spellbooks bug fixed (in master) 6 months
#2108 Make lore file more robust bug fixed (in master) 4 weeks
#2109 Teleport distances are silly bug fixed (in master) 3 weeks

Status: confirmed (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Resolution Created Ticket
#843 Redesign character sheet change 10 years
#916 Curses: Aggravate should aggravate less change 10 years
#1773 Re-enable some of the old smart spellcasting sometimes change 6 years
#2078 Help file updates task 5 months
#2091 Different colours for gold in quartz and magma change 3 months
#2093 Requests for customization of the gamedata files change 2 months
#2094 Careful check of monster movement AI vs 4GAI task 2 months
#2095 Changes to hunger change 2 months

Status: new (18 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Resolution Created Ticket
#1723 ranger magic moaning change 6 years
#1844 Automatically dig with digger when you dig and you have a digger. change 4 years
#2050 Possible items to remove change 19 months
#2067 Crash in Command spell bug 6 months
#2068 Spell targeting problems bug 6 months
#2071 Problems with Rune of Protection bug 6 months
#2073 Blackguard spells change 6 months
#2074 First cast XP too much bug 6 months
#2075 Running interrupt not working? bug 6 months
#2076 Recharge too powerful bug 6 months
#2101 Make hunger a timed effect task 8 weeks
#2102 Standardise order of lines in data files task 7 weeks
#2103 Curses: object appears to have a curse when it doesn't bug 6 weeks
#2104 Flicker on shapechange change 6 weeks
#2105 Make webs consistent bug 5 weeks
#2106 Recharge giving too many charges bug 5 weeks
#2111 Tiles for books, new monsters bug 3 weeks
#2112 Starting stat allocations for classes task 11 days

Status: reopened (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Resolution Created Ticket
#2061 Tiles for passable rubble bug 10 months
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