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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#726 Rationalize damage/effects simultaneously applied combat interesting magnate change confirmed v4
#775 Assess distance of missile weapons and magics combat change confirmed v4
#1205 Rework armour penalties combat magnate change confirmed v4
#1233 Replace +blows with -epb items,combat magnate change confirmed v4
#1279 Introduce monster mana monster,ai,combat change confirmed v4
#73 Unify line of sight and projection paths combat change new Future
#1436 Distinguish combat bonuses between weapons, launchers and other sources combat change new v4
#1437 Distinguish side effects from damage for monster melee attacks combat,monster magnate change new v4
#1656 Convert archery to the new combat system combat magnate change new v4
#1118 Use a more accurate distance function combat d_m change reopened Future

Resolution: fixed (in v4) (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#534 Rework critical hits combat magnate change closed v4
#828 Make to-hit formula more intuitive combat magnate change closed v4
#993 Fully implement HURT_FIRE and HURT_COLD combat monster magnate change closed v4
#1446 Separate monster AC into evasion and absorption combat change closed v4
#1614 Enchant weapon needs to understand finesse and prowess magic combat bug closed v4
#1623 Monster memory not updated if brand is resisted combat magnate bug closed v4
#1644 Tidy up slays combat magnate bug closed v4

Resolution: invalid (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#928 I can't attack while afraid, but mobs won't attack either. combat bug closed 3.1.2 beta
#1535 Limit blows with very heavy weapons combat magnate bug closed Triage

Resolution: fixed (in master) (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#21 Add NPP "path to target" feature combat backport change closed 3.3.0
#317 Fix overly powerful missile weapons combat change closed 3.2.0
#757 Look into reducing LOS/LOF combat,interesting change closed v4
#783 Make paralyse somewhat less deadly combat patch bug closed 3.1.2 beta
#814 Lose turn when unable to attack fear combat bug closed 3.1.1 beta
#918 Warn the player when their attack does no damage combat change closed 3.1.2 beta
#933 auto-identify doesn't update AC id combat player bug closed 3.1.2 beta
#987 Move to fractional blows combat magnate change closed 3.2.0
#1096 Drain charged (RBE_UN_POWER) should only drain as many changes as a recharge gives monster combat change closed 3.3.0
#1145 Afraid monsters should fail to cast spells combat change closed 3.3.0
#1174 Targeting anomalies with x7 launchers combat bug closed 3.2.0
#1185 [r2040] Unarmed attacks that hit get no message. combat patch magnate bug closed 3.2.0
#1210 New Dwarf Priest can't attack combat bug closed 3.2.0
#1307 'n' throws oil at feet combat noz bug closed 3.3.0
#1313 'n' keeps target when confused combat noz bug closed 3.3.0
#1383 earthquake weapons + fractional blows = weirdness combat d_m bug closed 3.3.0
#1435 Poison resistance does not protect against POISON melee attacks. combat player myshkin bug closed 3.3.0
#1507 Rebalance to-hit vs AC combat magnate bug closed 3.3.1
#1580 Elemental physical monster attacks should do damage regardless of immune status combat magnate bug closed 3.5.0
#1690 Typo in "freeze and shatter" combat myshkin bug closed 3.5.0
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