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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#858 Insribing objects Max=# inscriptions change confirmed Future
#64 Add reference counting for inscriptions inscriptions task new Future
#83 Always use numbers for the labels of spellbooks in the inventory inscriptions change new Future
#857 ^t, !*, !d, !g, and \s inscriptions change new Future

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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#1753 Inscribing items in the quiver causes a crash inscriptions, windows, blocker bug closed 3.5.1

Resolution: fixed (in master) (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#437 Inscriptions shouldn't ignore roguelike keyset option inscriptions keyset InputRework takkaria bug closed 3.5.0
#614 Nicer warning for {!foo}-inscribed items inscriptions artes change closed 3.4.0
#862 Inventory commands ignore inscriptions when used in stores stores inscriptions bug closed 3.2.0
#864 Items retrieved from home have inscriptions replaced with autoinscriptions inscriptions bug closed 3.1.1 beta
#1212 Too many confirmations by {!x} inscriptions inscriptions takkaria bug closed 3.2.0
#1260 p command does not recognise @pX inscriptions inscriptions bug closed 3.2.0
#1301 autoinscribed items do not stack inscriptions bug closed 3.3.0
#1330 Crash using @Z1 inscription keyset inscriptions myshkin bug closed 3.3.0
#1361 Using non-existent item by number causes crash commands inscriptions bug closed 3.3.0
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