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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#371 Make Banishment and Mass Banishment sound less alike magic change confirmed Future
#418 Add timed detections (i.e. non-monster ESP) magic detection change confirmed v4
#509 Make "detect magic" a useful spell magic detection change confirmed v4
#692 A Great Wyrm of Power casting fear should have a different success rate from a novice paladin magic,interesting change confirmed v4
#992 Make multi-breath effects better than single breath effects magic interesting affixes magnate change confirmed v4
#1459 Rework Banishment magic change confirmed Future
#67 Throwing potions should cause the potions effect on the target magic,interesting change new Future
#564 Need some analysis of mage spells magic task new v4
#578 Possibly implement a "targetted teleport" feature? magic,interesting change new v4
#623 tele_to should check the destination more carefully magic change new v4
#1408 Monster-specific ESP magic change new v4

Resolution: fixed (in v4) (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#615 What is the point of Priest melee-branding spells? magic change closed 3.5.0
#1614 Enchant weapon needs to understand finesse and prowess magic combat bug closed v4
#1658 Make xp drain more proportionate magic bug closed v4

Resolution: duplicate (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#632 Detect Enchantment should be more consistent magic detection change closed Triage
#1416 Staff of Detect Invisible not showing invisible monster magic detection bug closed Triage
#1420 Detect Invisible does not always detect invisible monsters magic bug closed Triage
#1578 Ensure that effect values are >0 in project_m magic bug closed Triage

Resolution: wontfix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#665 Amnesia effect shouldn't exist anymore magic change closed 3.2.0

Resolution: fixed (in master) (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#488 Make monster status changes (confuse/sleep/scare) effective and useful magic interesting GabeCunningham change closed 4.2
#547 Trap detection should detect traps on chests. magic artes bug closed 3.4.0
#572 Avoid unavoidable deaths magic magnate bug closed 3.4.0
#598 Make time attacks less evil magic change closed 3.3.0
#746 Replace branding spells and prayers with temporary brand magic takkaria change closed 4.2
#816 Random teleport and stores stores magic bug closed 3.1.2 beta
#831 Rewrite or remove self_knowledge() cleanup magic magnate bug closed 3.1.2 beta
#844 OoD should not destroy cursed items anymore magic id curses change closed 4.1
#888 CCW and CMW (almost) replicated magic bug closed 3.5.0
#941 merge priest dStairs & dTraps spells magic change closed 3.1.2 beta
#1047 Detect Invisible should detect invisible and normal monsters magic MarbleDice change closed 3.1.2 beta
#1062 !DeepDescent has wrong behaviour at non-recall depth items magic bug closed 3.1.2 beta
#1072 Mage CLW too effective magic change closed 3.2.0
#1095 Add scrolls of restore artifact magic change closed 3.3.0
#1130 Forgotten spells may still be cast magic MarbleDice bug closed 3.2.0
#1143 Darkness only works in the dungeon at night magic bug closed 3.2.0
#1163 Separate damage resistance from effect resistance magic player interesting magnate change closed 3.3.0
#1305 3.2.0 crash magic bug closed 3.3.0
#1409 Certain types of summons produce no monsters. magic myshkin bug closed 3.3.0
#1411 Poison can ignore TMD_OPP_POIS magic magnate bug closed 3.3.0
#1413 Mage "Reveal Monsters" spell doesn't show invisible monsters magic bug closed 3.3.0
#1454 Fix spell ordering magic noz bug closed 3.3.0
#1482 Monster timed ailments too powerful magic bug closed 3.3.0
#1554 Message errors from Meteor Swarm magic bug closed 3.5.0
#1616 Destruction effects can delete stairs magic patch bug closed 3.4.0
#1670 EF_STAFF_HOLY does not do what its description says magic text bug closed 3.4.0
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