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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#39 Bring back player ghosts monster,backport,interesting GabeCunningham change assigned v4
#591 Monster recovery should happen each turn regardless of how far away monsters are from the player monster ai GabeCunningham change assigned v4
#443 Refresh monster list monster interesting change confirmed v4
#595 Add more monster race and slay types monster items change confirmed v4
#1279 Introduce monster mana monster,ai,combat change confirmed v4
#1332 Add more mimic/lurker types monster GabeCunningham change confirmed v4
#1519 Fix monster_desc monster bug confirmed Future
#1317 Remove hard-coded dependence on monster display characters dungeon monster change new Future
#1437 Distinguish side effects from damage for monster melee attacks combat,monster magnate change new v4
#1497 Create an interactive monster.txt editor monster task new v4
#1588 Separate monster casting power from monster level monster change new v4

Resolution: fixed (in v4) (1 match)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#993 Fully implement HURT_FIRE and HURT_COLD combat monster magnate change closed v4

Resolution: duplicate (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#911 Monster list needs a go-through monster change closed 3.1.2 beta
#1323 Monsters should have unique names monster change closed Triage

Resolution: fixed (in master) (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#527 Add a monster light patch monster magnate change closed 3.2.0
#915 "The x pushes past y" messages should only happen when those monsters are in LOS monster bug closed 3.1.2 beta
#934 Make flags set in monster lore data mean "know the presence or absence of this flag" a la objects monster MarbleDice bug closed 3.1.2 beta
#1075 Make -r option work properly again monster magnate bug closed 3.2.0
#1092 Look at unique monster colouring again monster display magnate change closed 3.2.0
#1096 Drain charged (RBE_UN_POWER) should only drain as many changes as a recharge gives monster combat change closed 3.3.0
#1106 "It draws psychic energy from you!" message seen whilst playing a warrior monster bug closed 3.2.0
#1178 Monster light comes through walls monster d_m bug closed 3.2.0
#1347 Make monster haste/slow temporary status effects monster ai interesting takkaria change closed 3.3.0
#1427 Monster saves are too powerful versus sleep monster d_m bug closed 3.3.0
#1468 Duplicate Dreads in monster memory monster bug closed 3.3.0
#1479 Unaware mimics not showing up in the right places monster detection GabeCunningham bug closed 3.3.0
#1489 Monster.txt typos/inconsistencies monster GabeCunningham bug closed 3.3.0
#1492 Add more ESCORT / FRIEND improvements monsters fizzix change closed 3.5.0
#1516 Monster fear lasts for too long monster bug closed 3.3.1
#1526 Mimics and monster attacks monster GabeCunningham bug closed 3.4.0
#1545 Fix monster speed adjustments monster magnate bug closed 3.3.2
#1601 monster.txt and poison resistance monster GabeCunningham bug closed 3.5.0
#1744 Monster pathfinding is weird and wrong monster ai fizzix bug closed 3.5.0
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