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Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#620 Angband doesn't see difference between numpadarrows/diagonals from others. windows InputRework bug confirmed Future
#636 .ini file reading/writing on Windows is extremely inefficient windows bug confirmed Future
#1245 Windows: flicker on menus windows bug confirmed Future
#1760 Changing font size on Windows doesn't refresh terms properly windows bug new Future

Resolution: worksforme (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#817 Subwindows are completely blank windows bug closed 3.2.0
#1753 Inscribing items in the quiver causes a crash inscriptions, windows, blocker bug closed 3.5.1

Resolution: duplicate (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#1762 Graphics gone all squiffy windows bug closed 3.5.0
#493 Windows port doesn't save when computer shut down windows bug closed Triage
#1808 Monster recall subterm does not refresh on level change subwindows bug closed Triage
#237 Windows Angband reacts to clicks while in the background windows bug closed

Resolution: wontfix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#304 Shouldn't allow more than one selection for subwindow options subwindows bug closed Triage

Resolution: invalid (1 match)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#1620 Windows Kernel32 Dll Windows Kernel32 Dll change closed v4

Resolution: fixed (in master) (27 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Milestone
#272 Windows port term windows z-order wrong port windows bug closed 3.0.9
#675 Unexplored dungeon in 32x32-enabled Windows port shows the cloak tile windows graphics bug closed 3.1.1 beta
#232 Solid block characters are invisible under Windows Vista windows bug closed 3.2.0
#998 Windows compiler warnings windows MarbleDice bug closed 3.2.0
#1117 Error parsing users prf windows bug closed 3.2.0
#1123 Monster list incorrectly telling "aware" when a monster is seen subwindows bug closed 3.2.0
#1275 Inv/equip subwindows do not update after wielding in store subwindows bug closed 3.2.0
#136 Make Windows use libpng graphics windows x11 gpl d_m task closed 3.3.0
#942 Move angband.ico to src\win windows task closed 3.3.0
#1128 Subwindows not refreshing when loaded from prf file prefs subwindows noz bug closed 3.3.0
#1318 Quality squelching settings not saved when game is exited squelch loadsave windows bug closed 3.3.0
#1342 <player> appears on monster list ui subwindows myshkin bug closed 3.3.0
#1360 High scores list title improperly formatted subwindows myshkin bug closed 3.3.0
#1397 ^E doesn't toggle inven/equip subwindow if character is in a store. subwindows stores myshkin bug closed 3.3.0
#1402 backspace command is doubled on windows windows fizzix bug closed 3.3.0
#1484 can't exit keymap editor on windows keymap windows d_m bug closed 3.3.0
#1491 Purple uniques not displayed correctly windows display bug closed 3.3.1
#1494 Bug report: / on numpad on win7 windows bug closed 3.3.2
#1542 Get Windows build working again post-UTF8 blocker windows noz bug closed 3.4.0
#1657 Game crashes when mouse clicking squelch menu windows mouse bug closed 3.4.0
#142 Windows font handling bug windows bug closed 3.5.0
#296 Shutdown bug on Windows windows bug closed 3.5.0
#887 Windows "open" and "new" hotkeys windows takkaria bug closed 3.5.0
#1495 Visual artifacts in overhead map. subwindows bug closed 3.5.0
#1654 Game crashes when "reset layout" is selected on XP and Vista windows, graphics, blocker bug closed 3.5.0
#1761 Quiver slots not shown in inventory windows bug closed 3.5.0
#85 Use Mr. Att logo on all platforms windows task closed 4.0
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