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#946 Find a licence for the current sound files which is acceptable to Debian takkaria change wontfix 11 years 11 years
#952 No solid walls under -mgtk bug wontfix 11 years 9 years
#1035 Display relative speed change duplicate 10 years 10 years
#1080 Add min/max depths for ego types magnate change duplicate 10 years 9 years
#1295 Allow access to birth options at the final stage of character creation change duplicate 9 years 9 years
#1368 wizmode: cope with negative values when tweaking objects GabeCunningham bug worksforme 9 years 8 years
#1496 Improve running bug duplicate 9 years 9 years
#1527 Fix gold from chests under no_selling magnate bug invalid 9 years 9 years
#1532 Update spoilers bug duplicate 9 years 9 years
#1535 Limit blows with very heavy weapons magnate bug invalid 9 years 9 years
#1572 Capitalisation glitch in chardumps and spoilers takkaria bug worksforme 9 years 9 years
#1578 Ensure that effect values are >0 in project_m bug duplicate 9 years 8 years
#1608 Barahir has duplicate level info noz bug invalid 8 years 8 years
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