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#1284 Move to C99 types change duplicate 9 years 9 years
#1200 Trap suggestions change duplicate 10 years 9 years
#1091 Allow import of monster memory even if we can't import old characters change invalid 10 years 9 years
#805 testing ticket to see if email notification works bug invalid 11 years 11 years
#493 Windows port doesn't save when computer shut down bug duplicate 12 years 9 years
#325 Using single items on floor requires extra prompt bug invalid 13 years 9 years
#144 Add main-qt.c change wontfix 13 years 9 years
#38 Import UIAngband's wizard mode screen editor change wontfix 13 years 9 years
#32 Replace the current autoroller with Antiband/Zangband's takkaria change wontfix 13 years 10 years
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