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#485 Add new curses: pval-flipping curse items curses confirmed change
#502 Using the new flavours proposed on the forum? items new change
#575 Steal more Un rod/wand/staff flavours items new change
#595 Add more monster race and slay types monster items confirmed change
#600 Improve monster drop functionality items interesting confirmed change
#619 Potion of flight rather than ring of escape items new change
#674 Use binary search instead of iteration in alloc tables items confirmed task
#837 Give a meaning to object colors items,affixes new magnate change
#916 Curses: Aggravate should aggravate less items curses confirmed change
#1002 Re-do curses in randart.c items new magnate change
#1003 obj-power.c: calculate values for resists based on monster power items new magnate change
#1006 Rewrite randart.c for fully comprehensive tracking of combinations items assigned magnate change
#1015 Granular ESP detection items confirmed change
#1045 Randart activation messages sometimes inappropriate items assigned magnate bug
#1165 Collect stats on randarts items assigned magnate task
#1173 Multiple Allocation lines broken items,affixes confirmed magnate bug
#1175 Stack items when dropping items new change
#1202 Sensible array for artifact creation items new elly task
#1233 Replace +blows with -epb items,combat confirmed magnate change
#1407 randarts: ensure that activations do not duplicate flags items confirmed magnate bug
#1421 Add more caster items items new change
#1442 Set bonuses for artifacts items backport confirmed magnate change
#1448 Allow specification of seed_randart items new change
#1477 Allow min pval in object.txt items confirmed change
#1483 Make chests more interesting items new change
#1548 Review artifact.txt items,affixes assigned magnate task
#1550 Socket system items assigned magnate change
#1558 Changes to tvals and svals items assigned magnate task
#1560 Racial equipment bonuses/penalties items affixes new magnate task
#1562 Get cleverer about affix compatibility items affixes new magnate change
#1567 Allow affixes and themes to grant activations items affixes new magnate change
#1568 Policy on alloc_prob == 0 items new change
#1569 Store o_ptr->num_affixes items affixes new magnate task
#1585 Add bool no_arts to artifact_type items new magnate change
#1589 Heuristic for obviousness of item properties items confirmed magnate change
#1659 Handle flags which trigger at random items new bug
#1673 Add the Club of Bullroarer items new change
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