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Ticket Summary Status Type Milestone Created Modified
#776 Collect statistics on dungeon generation assigned task Future 12 years 7 years
#1176 Monster recall fails in subwindow with flickering monsters assigned bug Future 10 years 7 years
#1232 Improve -mgcu behaviour in 16-colour xterms confirmed change Future 10 years 8 years
#1298 Update races confirmed change v4 10 years 9 years
#1457 Improve the run command confirmed change Future 10 years 8 years
#1564 Add libtermkey to the GCU port new change Future 9 years 5 years
#1612 Detect trap border interacting poorly with solid walls in GCU new bug Future 9 years 8 years
#1749 Make caverns have a better risk:reward ratio new change Future 8 years 7 years
#1118 Use a more accurate distance function reopened change Future 11 years 10 years
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