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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Created
#1030 Better save location and output for char dump confirmed change Future 11 years
#1268 Switch to ttf fonts in SDL port confirmed change Future 10 years
#1298 Update races confirmed d_m change v4 10 years
#1457 Improve the run command confirmed d_m change Future 9 years
#1529 Improve package scripts confirmed task Future 9 years
#1530 Fix curly braces, space indenting, line endings, and trailing whitespace confirmed task Future 9 years
#1564 Add libtermkey to the GCU port new d_m change Future 9 years
#1611 itemlist subwindow interferes with list item command reopened molybdenum bug Future 9 years
#1612 Detect trap border interacting poorly with solid walls in GCU new d_m bug Future 9 years
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