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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Created
#1949 OSX crash on moving monster list window assigned molybdenum bug Future 3 years
#1840 Ensure Visual Studio compatibility assigned nckmccnnll bug Future 4 years
#1881 Object list delay reopened bug Future 3 years
#1914 Messages running together confirmed task Ongoing 3 years
#1927 Missing messages confirmed bug Ongoing 3 years
#1954 Assertion fail in square_istrap() new bug Future 3 years
#1975 New item property grid new task Future 2 years
#1992 Strange door placement new bug Future 16 months
#2020 Disconnected dungeon new bug Ongoing 15 months
#2038 Amulet of & Amulet~ new bug Ongoing 12 months
#2041 Randarts reported of wrong type in history new bug Ongoing 12 months
#2045 PowerWyrm's pathfinding improvements confirmed change Ongoing 12 months
#2049 Interaction between selling prices and curses confirmed bug Ongoing 12 months
#2050 Possible items to remove new change 4.2 12 months
#2054 macOS fullscreen issues confirmed bug Ongoing 11 months
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