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Ticket Summary Status Type Milestone Created
#2078 Help file updates confirmed task 4.2 9 months
#2087 Max mana problem new bug Triage 7 months
#2094 Careful check of monster movement AI vs 4GAI confirmed task 4.2 6 months
#2102 Standardise order of lines in data files new task 4.2 6 months
#2103 Curses: object appears to have a curse when it doesn't new bug 4.2 5 months
#2105 Make webs consistent new bug 4.2 5 months
#2111 Tiles for books, new monsters new bug 4.2 5 months
#2113 Lighting weirdness with persistent levels new bug Triage 4 months
#2117 Corridor connection issues new bug Triage 3 months
#2123 Check what should wake monsters new bug Triage 7 weeks
#2128 Weapons display damage for temporary brands etc? new bug Triage 3 weeks
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