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Ticket Summary Status Type Milestone Created
#45 Minimise usage of standard string functions new task Ongoing 13 years
#135 Don't use C reserved identifiers confirmed bug Ongoing 13 years
#659 Get valgrind reporting that all memory is properly freed at game exit confirmed task Ongoing 12 years
#1682 Build without ncursesw5-config new change Ongoing 8 years
#1914 Messages running together confirmed task Ongoing 5 years
#1927 Missing messages confirmed bug Ongoing 5 years
#2020 Disconnected dungeon new bug Ongoing 3 years
#2038 Amulet of & Amulet~ new bug Ongoing 3 years
#2041 Randarts reported of wrong type in history new bug Ongoing 3 years
#2045 PowerWyrm's pathfinding improvements confirmed change Ongoing 3 years
#2049 Interaction between selling prices and curses confirmed bug Ongoing 3 years
#2054 macOS fullscreen issues confirmed bug Ongoing 3 years
#2094 Careful check of monster movement AI vs 4GAI confirmed task Ongoing 18 months
#2102 Standardise order of lines in data files new task Ongoing 17 months
#2127 SDL2 possible memory problems new bug Ongoing 13 months
#2129 Lore has some black spells new bug Ongoing 11 months
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