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#1460 Non-English keyboard layouts have problems for commonly-used commands on SDL and OS X bug InputRework sdl mac 7 years
#925 Accessibility: add a directional look command change accessibility ui 8 years
#78 Improve monster behaviour and AI change ai 9 years
#300 Remove monster AI options, replace with flag-controlled AI change ai 9 years
#574 Enable the good bits of adult_ai_smart without the brokenness change ai 7 years
#601 Monster AI needs to understand player vulnerabilities change ai 11 years
#963 Pathfinding change ai 9 years
#1113 Take a look at stealth and monster detection change ai 9 years
#31 Add a "start kit" option (a la Ey) change birth 10 years
#71 A "give me a random, reasonably playable character" button change birth 10 years
#1259 Allow access to birth options from quickstart screen change birth 10 years
#42 Make all terminal access/printing functions use (y, x) co-ordinates task cleanup 10 years
#45 Minimise usage of standard string functions task cleanup 8 years
#97 Outstanding menus to fix task cleanup 7 years
#221 Switch to using cave_info2[][] for player-specific bits task cleanup 10 years
#223 Add support for paragraphs to textblock change cleanup 8 years
#524 Avoid using atexit() task cleanup 10 years
#581 Use a flag-based terrain system task cleanup 11 years
#659 Get valgrind reporting that all memory is properly freed at game exit task cleanup 4 years
#769 Assertions task cleanup 6 years
#869 Check and revise monster power algorithm change cleanup 9 years
#876 Check for format-string based security holes task cleanup 11 years
#1041 Refactor effects to allow variables task cleanup 9 years
#1124 Consolidate flag data into list-* files task cleanup 9 years
#1376 Extract text strings for monster spells to an edit file change cleanup 9 years
#1403 Outstanding refactoring task cleanup 9 years
#1451 Fix random_value parsing so that you can specify certain negative values bug cleanup 9 years
#1499 Replace indices in function calls with pointers task cleanup 5 years
#1524 Remove the various huge *_info arrays, thus removing the need for maxima change cleanup 8 years
#1530 Fix curly braces, space indenting, line endings, and trailing whitespace task cleanup 5 years
#1599 Split up improve_attack_modifier task cleanup 7 years
#1600 Create master table for legal affixes task cleanup 8 years
#1814 Get rid of z-virt change cleanup 7 years
#1280 Allow --with-varpath to override PRIVATE_USER_DIR bug cleanup build 8 years
#1377 Copyright notices are inconsistent. task cleanup gpl 6 years
#377 Too many hacks? task cleanup meta 8 years
#1502 Create a master message buffer task cleanup meta 7 years
#73 Unify line of sight and projection paths change combat 11 years
#775 Assess distance of missile weapons and magics change combat 10 years
#1118 Use a more accurate distance function change combat 10 years
#1205 Rework armour penalties change combat 9 years
#1436 Distinguish combat bonuses between weapons, launchers and other sources change combat 9 years
#1656 Convert archery to the new combat system change combat 8 years
#726 Rationalize damage/effects simultaneously applied change combat interesting 9 years
#1437 Distinguish side effects from damage for monster melee attacks change combat,monster 9 years
#298 Add option to not autopickup with monsters in LOS change commands 9 years
#309 Why are there separate 'p' and 'm' commands? change commands 10 years
#586 Allow restriction of auto pickup to consumables change commands 8 years
#744 Making the object list more useful change commands 8 years
#966 Repeat and Scrolls bug commands,InputRework 7 years
#135 Don't use C reserved identifiers bug compat 8 years
#1098 make 'distclean' cleans too much, 'clean' too little bug compat,build 8 years
#301 Make disturbance options better change detection 10 years
#373 Help prevent offscreen deaths change detection 10 years
#1015 Granular ESP change detection items 9 years
#81 Allow Angband to work on 16-row displays change display 8 years
#230 Automatic hiding of sidebar and statusbar change display 8 years
#277 Mini-map overlay/seperate window change display 8 years
#291 Delay factor should affect running speed change display 11 years
#354 Add keep_room_on_screen option change display 8 years
#372 New panel change behaviour change display 8 years
#1161 Split the object list into LOS and aware change display 9 years
#1162 Press a key to make @ flash briefly change display 10 years
#1504 Tidy up lighting code change display 8 years
#1555 Use new character glyphs change display 9 years
#1697 Seen mimics disappear too early when squelched bug display 7 years
#1836 Restoring "highlight player with cursor" would improve accessibility change display 5 years
#414 Import UnAngband's easy_more option change display backport 8 years
#68 Improve the scorefile format, and the method of scoring change dump 11 years
#342 Collect stats on player change dump 11 years
#435 "Conducts" system change dump 8 years
#531 Show more direct statistics on the character screen, incl. Energy change dump 10 years
#753 Work out some better display for the disarming skill on 'C' screen change dump 9 years
#1030 Better save location and output for char dump change dump ui 8 years
#1100 Tell the player where character dumps get saved to change dump ui 10 years
#1354 avoid save when purposefully set off traps change dungeon 10 years
#1457 Improve the run command change dungeon 8 years
#1590 Recalibrate level feelings bug dungeon 9 years
#1317 Remove hard-coded dependence on monster display characters change dungeon monster 6 years
#776 Collect statistics on dungeon generation task dungeon stats 7 years
#156 Review and incorporate Leon's dungeon patch change dungeon,backport,interesting 10 years
#580 Cut down dungeon depth change dungeon,interesting 10 years
#756 More flexible windowing in the gcu-port change gcu 8 years
#1232 Improve -mgcu behaviour in 16-colour xterms change gcu 8 years
#1534 Building with curses fails on cygwin bug gcu 8 years
#1564 Add libtermkey to the GCU port change gcu input 5 years
#1612 Detect trap border interacting poorly with solid walls in GCU bug gcu walls 8 years
#1749 Make caverns have a better risk:reward ratio change generation 7 years
#1287 Check up on licences of fonts task gpl 6 years
#1566 Rewrite tile-picker code bug graphics 9 years
#1721 Graphical touches to add to the ASCII interface change graphics 8 years
#1410 Smooth-scrolling tiles change graphics ui 10 years
#13 Replace current "interactive" help with context help change help 8 years
#14 Add "tutorial mode" change help 8 years
#1134 Update spoilers and angband-doc package task help debian 8 years
#1449 Throwing should not ID-by-use for non-throwing items change id 10 years
#1573 Tidy up ID and everseen layers bug id 9 years
#1579 ID-by-use shows ? for obvious-on-wield effects bug id 9 years
#1595 Ensure that learning a rune triggers check_for_ident on all other carried or worn items bug id 9 years
#1598 Replace pseudoID change id 9 years
#1605 Learning an attribute sometimes does not learn its rune bug id 9 years
#1797 Rename potions of Intellect bug id 7 years
#850 Look at making use-by-ID of consumables even more viable change id interesting 8 years
#64 Add reference counting for inscriptions task inscriptions 11 years
#83 Always use numbers for the labels of spellbooks in the inventory change inscriptions 8 years
#857 ^t, !*, !d, !g, and \s change inscriptions 11 years
#858 Insribing objects Max=# change inscriptions 8 years
#1611 itemlist subwindow interferes with list item command bug itemlist, display, crash 5 years
#502 Using the new flavours proposed on the forum? change items 8 years
#575 Steal more Un rod/wand/staff flavours change items 8 years
#619 Potion of flight rather than ring of escape change items 11 years
#674 Use binary search instead of iteration in alloc tables task items 8 years
#1002 Re-do curses in randart.c change items 9 years
#1003 obj-power.c: calculate values for resists based on monster power change items 9 years
#1006 Rewrite randart.c for fully comprehensive tracking of combinations change items 9 years
#1045 Randart activation messages sometimes inappropriate bug items 9 years
#1165 Collect stats on randarts task items 9 years
#1175 Stack items when dropping change items 8 years
#1202 Sensible array for artifact creation task items 10 years
#1407 randarts: ensure that activations do not duplicate flags bug items 9 years
#1421 Add more caster items change items 9 years
#1448 Allow specification of seed_randart change items 10 years
#1477 Allow min pval in object.txt change items 6 years
#1483 Make chests more interesting change items 9 years
#1550 Socket system change items 9 years
#1558 Changes to tvals and svals task items 9 years
#1568 Policy on alloc_prob == 0 change items 9 years
#1585 Add bool no_arts to artifact_type change items 9 years
#1589 Heuristic for obviousness of item properties change items 9 years
#1659 Handle flags which trigger at random bug items 8 years
#1673 Add the Club of Bullroarer change items 8 years
#1560 Racial equipment bonuses/penalties task items affixes 9 years
#1562 Get cleverer about affix compatibility change items affixes 8 years
#1567 Allow affixes and themes to grant activations change items affixes 9 years
#1569 Store o_ptr->num_affixes task items affixes 9 years
#1442 Set bonuses for artifacts change items backport 9 years
#485 Add new curses: pval-flipping curse change items curses 4 years
#916 Curses: Aggravate should aggravate less change items curses 18 months
#600 Improve monster drop functionality change items interesting 9 years
#837 Give a meaning to object colors change items,affixes 9 years
#1173 Multiple Allocation lines broken bug items,affixes 9 years
#1548 Review artifact.txt task items,affixes 9 years
#1233 Replace +blows with -epb change items,combat 9 years
#105 Better keymap UI change keymaps InputRework 8 years
#53 Allow keyset-agnostic keymaps change keymaps keyset InputRework 8 years
#1316 Running/Tunnelling not working with arrow keys in Roguelike keyset (nightly builds) bug keyset InputRework 8 years
#66 "Panic saves" shouldn't overwrite normal savefiles task loadsave 7 years
#138 Game should be re-entrant task loadsave 10 years
#150 In-game savefile selector (a la ToME) change loadsave 8 years
#807 Savefile: remove excess null-bytes task loadsave 10 years
#1303 Create savefile loader testsuite task loadsave utils 10 years
#1114 Use Sparkle for automatic game updates on OS X task mac 9 years
#1375 Add Mac OS X support to and support to the Mac build change mac 8 years
#1549 OSX support for double-height tiles change mac graphics 9 years
#371 Make Banishment and Mass Banishment sound less alike change magic 11 years
#564 Need some analysis of mage spells task magic 11 years
#623 tele_to should check the destination more carefully change magic 11 years
#1408 Monster-specific ESP change magic 9 years
#1459 Rework Banishment change magic 9 years
#418 Add timed detections (i.e. non-monster ESP) change magic detection 9 years
#509 Make "detect magic" a useful spell change magic detection 9 years
#992 Make multi-breath effects better than single breath effects change magic interesting affixes 9 years
#67 Throwing potions should cause the potions effect on the target change magic,interesting 11 years
#578 Possibly implement a "targetted teleport" feature? change magic,interesting 11 years
#692 A Great Wyrm of Power casting fear should have a different success rate from a novice paladin change magic,interesting 11 years
#1332 Add more mimic/lurker types change monster 9 years
#1497 Create an interactive monster.txt editor task monster 9 years
#1519 Fix monster_desc bug monster 8 years
#1588 Separate monster casting power from monster level change monster 9 years
#591 Monster recovery should happen each turn regardless of how far away monsters are from the player change monster ai 9 years
#443 Refresh monster list change monster interesting 9 years
#595 Add more monster race and slay types change monster items 9 years
#1279 Introduce monster mana change monster,ai,combat 9 years
#39 Bring back player ghosts change monster,backport,interesting 9 years
#183 Full mouse playability change mouse 8 years
#425 Full mouse support in character creation change mouse 11 years
#618 Using the Mouse to look around. change mouse 7 years
#1940 Error in configure script. bug openBSD 20 months
#1976 Incorrect ncursesw detection on OpenBSD bug openBSD 20 months
#1977 Playing sounds freezes game bug openBSD 20 months
#370 Rangers should have reduced chance of arrow breakage change player 10 years
#599 Linearise the stat system change player 11 years
#780 Experiment with mana allocation & regen change player 8 years
#1520 Remove Satisfy Hunger change player 9 years
#1693 Playable (full) troll race change player 8 years
#1745 Add passive LOS searching change player 7 years
#1276 Make status effects more interesting change player interesting 9 years
#1298 Update races change player interesting 9 years
#1490 Stat coloring / message bugs bug player ui 9 years
#594 Try and make all stats more relevant to all classes change player,interesting 9 years
#1024 Rebalance classes change player,interesting 9 years
#1182 Changes to regen change player,patch,interesting 10 years
#1453 Document pref file syntax & fix in-game interfaces bug prefs 8 years
#8 Find-as-you-type monster recall change recall 11 years
#334 Power comparison in 'l'ook change recall 9 years
#379 Average spell damage when browsing. change recall 11 years
#518 Maintain savefile compatibility when editing monster.txt change recall 10 years
#1172 Suggestion for change to monster memory display format change recall 10 years
#1191 More info when inspecting items change recall 10 years
#1428 [Proposal] Monster Recall Highlighting for Troublesome Monsters change recall 10 years
#1450 Store knowledge of what in-LOS monsters have picked up or stolen change recall 9 years
#1509 Save entire message history change recall 9 years
#1607 Summary flag screens for inventory and home change recall backport 9 years
#1622 Fix describe_damage bug recall id 9 years
#314 Consider allowing user "notes" in various places in the game change recall loadsave patch 11 years
#1386 Sort brands by damage change recall patch 10 years
#1273 Squelch menu and knowledge menu show different objects at start of game change recall squelch 8 years
#1176 Monster recall fails in subwindow with flickering monsters bug recall subwindow display 7 years
#1268 Switch to ttf fonts in SDL port change sdl 8 years
#1286 SDL: better font selection change sdl 10 years
#1830 Update SDL frontend to SDL 2.x task sdl 6 years
#1120 Clean up squelch messages change squelch 11 years
#1255 Allow squelching from look command change squelch commands 10 years
#1476 Improve stats collection for items change stats 8 years
#264 Should be able to identify items in your home change stores 10 years
#879 Search the home change stores 8 years
#1315 Shopkeeps overpay for partial ID'd =Mouse bug stores id 8 years
#1296 Remove 'b'rowse command change ui cleanup 9 years
#1328 Rewrite target.c so it's less hideous change ui cleanup 10 years
#1290 Rewrite the debug-mode object flag display so that it doesn't require manual changes for every new flag change ui cleanup wizmode 9 years
#1503 Finish visual editing UI change ui display 9 years
#1115 Improve squelch UI change ui squelch 9 years
#1525 create_needed_dirs() should not try to create anything under /usr or /etc bug unix 6 years
#340 Add tests and documentation for z-msg task utils 10 years
#713 Allow spoilers to be generated with a command-line switch change utils 11 years
#1529 Improve package scripts task utils 9 years
#1728 Add a buildbot builder to exercise the build system task utils 8 years
#636 .ini file reading/writing on Windows is extremely inefficient bug windows 9 years
#1245 Windows: flicker on menus bug windows 8 years
#1760 Changing font size on Windows doesn't refresh terms properly bug windows 7 years
#620 Angband doesn't see difference between numpadarrows/diagonals from others. bug windows InputRework 7 years
#1288 Remove cheat options, move them to wizard mode change wizmode 9 years
#765 Document and improve debug commands change wizmode doc 10 years
#1586 Win client: handle special keys properly bug 8 years
#1624 Lurker display issues bug 8 years
#1638 Unable to build GCU on OpenBSD bug 4 years
#1639 Visual artifacts left on the screen with tiles bug 8 years
#1682 Build without ncursesw5-config change 5 years
#1698 Windows does not remember tile size on restart bug 8 years
#1700 New playable race: Pixie change 8 years
#1702 Lurkers appearing when Reveal Monsters is cast, but not added to monster list bug 8 years
#1714 Accidental Earthquakes aren't fun change 5 years
#1720 The player race "Dunadan" ought to have an accented "u". change 8 years
#1726 Crash in SDL port on exit bug 7 years
#1748 Missing sounds bug 7 years
#1777 New item tag display (1/2/3 instead of a/b/c) fails with duplicate tags bug 7 years
#1778 New item tag display (1/2/3 instead of a/b/c) not sorted bug 7 years
#1784 Add prompt_direction option back for Timo change 7 years
#1793 Inven/equip context menus fail to allow dropping bug 7 years
#1805 More intelligent starting kit for birth_no_recall characters change 5 years
#1809 Resizing object list and monster list subwindows to very small sizes causes crashes. bug 5 years
#1812 Keymap bug under Linux, unknown port bug 6 years
#1816 Windows port font changing is dodgy bug 6 years
#1840 Ensure Visual Studio compatibility bug 5 years
#1881 Object list delay bug 5 years
#1914 Messages running together task 6 years
#1927 Missing messages bug 5 years
#1949 OSX crash on moving monster list window bug 5 years
#1954 Assertion fail in square_istrap() bug 5 years
#1975 New item property grid task 4 years
#1992 Strange door placement bug 3 years
#2020 Disconnected dungeon bug 3 years
#2038 Amulet of & Amulet~ bug 3 years
#2041 Randarts reported of wrong type in history bug 3 years
#2045 PowerWyrm's pathfinding improvements change 3 years
#2049 Interaction between selling prices and curses bug 3 years
#2054 macOS fullscreen issues bug 3 years
#2094 Careful check of monster movement AI vs 4GAI task 16 months
#2102 Standardise order of lines in data files task 16 months
#2104 Flicker on shapechange change 17 months
#2117 Corridor connection issues bug 16 months
#2123 Check what should wake monsters bug 14 months
#2127 SDL2 possible memory problems bug 17 months
#2129 Lore has some black spells bug 16 months
#2130 Fully known object showing ? in player display bug 14 months
#2131 Digging message spam bug 14 months
#2132 Player terrain changing silently bug 14 months
#2133 Make sure all elemental attack effects have custom messages bug 14 months
#2135 Runes not learned bug 14 months
#2137 Improve throwing change 13 months
#2138 Possible incorrect behaviour or message for monster vulnerability bug 14 months
#2140 Fail to pick up when running bug 14 months
#2142 Monster memory not updating fully bug 14 months
#2144 Sound not working in new game bug 14 months
#2145 Detected traps show as floor until you see them bug 14 months
#2146 Negative duration display bug 14 months
#2147 No Shockbolt tiles for new dwarves bug 14 months
#2148 Noxious Cloud listed damage inaccurate bug 14 months
#2150 Stair placement bug 14 months
#2155 Improvement to town layout change 14 months
#2156 Unnecessary lines in object_property.txt bug 14 months
#2157 Game hang on targeting bug 14 months
#2158 Problem with positioning in Windows bug 14 months
#2159 Monsters breathe at squares they can't hit bug 14 months
#2161 Alchemist's Gloves, what are they good for? bug 14 months
#2162 Recall, repeat, crash bug 14 months
#2163 Query when running into lava with fire immunity bug 14 months
#2165 Pile integrity failure crash bug 14 months
#2166 Weird visuals bug 14 months
#2167 Typos in help bug 14 months
#2168 Pack should combine after curse removal bug 13 months
#2169 Better datafile documentation bug 13 months
#2170 Crash when commanded monster gets trampled bug 13 months
#2171 Mac port graphics and other issues bug 13 months
#2172 Persistent levels issues bug 13 months
#2173 More tiering of status effects change 12 months
#2174 Resistance grid for home bug 12 months
#2175 Trap immunity preventing door auto-opening bug 12 months
#2176 Windows VS fixes bug 12 months
#2177 Chests always summon uniques bug 11 months
#2178 Quiver problems bug 11 months
#2179 Patches from backwardsEric bug 11 months
#2180 Code errors from PowerWyrm (4.2.0 edition) bug 11 months
#2181 Improve documentation task 11 months
#2182 Shatter attacks crushing too often? bug 11 months
#2183 Labyrinth with no down staircase bug 11 months
#2184 Stealing from mimics bug 11 months
#2185 Unique coming back to life? bug 11 months
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