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#1187 fixed (in master) Opening chests from a stack Chud mcfall.iain@…

It appears that you can only open one chest from a stack of chests on the floor. The same goes for the disarm command - you can only disarm the topmost chest in a stack.

A quick look at the source shows the function 'chest_check' (cmd2.c)which simply returns the first chest in a stack. If the 'chest_check' function were to take a third parameter, you could make it so it finds either the first openable chest, or the first known trapped chest. I got no access to a dev machine so can't offer a patch.

#1508 fixed (in master) Mimics need full camouflage in tile mode CunningGabe magnate

#488 fixed (in master) Make monster status changes (confuse/sleep/scare) effective and useful GabeCunningham takkaria

At the moment these effects can be painfully useless. Suggestions:

  • Up the chance of them working generally (maybe based on WIS instead of CHR?)
  • Stop the power of the effects being reduced by distance from monster
  • Check over monster list to make sure not too many monsters are immune
  • Consider adding poison counter to monsters
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