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#406 fixed (in master) Indestructible pseudoid endows later items with heavy pseudoid "Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd" <zaimoni@…>

dungeon.c's sense_inventory doesn't reset the heavy psuedoid bool after elevating it for indestructible items. I'm unclear as to what the in-style way of fixing this would be.

#1544 fixed (in master) Proof in-game help for typos and obsolete refs fizzix AapoRantalainen
#380 fixed (in master) OS X: Cannot open player file outside of Angband itself Adam Randall <randalla@…>

In 3.0.6, it was possible to open a player file a number of ways:

From the Finder by double-clicking using the Terminal to specify the file using the open command:

open -a angband playerfile or open playerfile

I now must open Angband then open the player file. Quite annoying.

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