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#1011 fixed (in master) Gain-one-lose-one potions behave funny on failure MarbleDice MarbleDice

If they fail to drain a stat (because the randomly selected stat is at a minimum), they do not raise a stat, the potion is not consumed, no message is generated, and the flavor remains unknown.

#1016 fixed (in master) Some jewelry doesn't ID on the first wield MarbleDice MarbleDice

Generate an unaware +stat ring or +stat amulet, and equip it. The flavor will become aware, the pval will become visible, and the player will learn about the sustain. The jewelry will be marked as "worn" and will be selectable for identify, even though the player already knows everything about the item.

Remove the jewelry and equip it again, and it becomes fully identified.

#1034 fixed (in master) Town should not interrupt level feelings MarbleDice MarbleDice

Recalling to town should not reset the timer that determines if you get a level feeling when entering the next dungeon level.

Time spent in town should probably not count towards level feelings either, although you should probably start the game with a feeling charged.

This just a bugfix for the current (somewhat broken) system; see also #50.

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