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#653 fixed (in master) Playing.txt need '[' and ']' commands updated Big Al

Playing.txt needs 'and?' commands updated too.

#660 duplicate Allow New Game/Load Game without Quitting Big Al

It would be nice on the platforms that support menus (Windows, Mac, ?) to allow you to start a new game and/or load an old game without having to fully quit the program and start it up again.

#671 fixed (in master) Loading the same gamefile should load preferences, even with a different character name magnate Big Al

For OS X, possibly other platforms:

I like to give all my characters a new name in succession (Big Al, Big Al II, Big Al III, Big Al the Bold, etc.) each time I start a new character. In my first game, I saved the preferences as the default Big_Al.prf. In subsequent games, it's looking for a pref file called Big_Al_II.prf, Big_Al_III.prf, etc, so I have to load the old file by hand each time.

It would be a lot better to base the name that the preferences is looking for on the name of the *file*, not the *character*. I always load the same game file each time I start a new game (to preserve monster memory) so it would make sense to load the same prefs from that name too.

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