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#48 fixed (in master) Fix randarts magnate takkaria

To fix: import and update CC+CG's patch (

Un has adopted it with great success. It does cool things like work out how much worth should be placed on each slay by counting what race monsters are. Could be used in other areas of the code.

Also, consider additional randarts rather than replacement randarts. This might allow us to cut out some current artifacts if necessary.

#49 fixed (in master) Fix object pricing takkaria

Current info:

It might be an idea to use the new randart code to calculate prices, see #48.

#50 fixed (in master) Fix level feelings magnate takkaria

Currently level feelings are bad.

  • Artifacts currently give a rating boost of 10 or 20 depending on their price. Most ego items give higher rating boosts (up to 30!), and so do Rings of Speed and certain amulets (devotion, magi, trickery, weaponmastery) -- 25 each. This needs tweaking
  • Reduce number of level feelings and make them more obviously different. It is not obvious what is better: "You feel strangely lucky...", "You feel your luck is turning..." or "You like the look of this place...". To a newbie, it isn't even clear that all of these are bad level feelings, close to "boring".
  • Monsters in pits make the feeling too high -- assign a value to the pit, not the monsters therein
  • Consider removing level feelings except on very good levels
  • How object value affects feeling is partially covered by #49.
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