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#958 fixed (in v4) re-add broken/worn weapon/armor types magnate d_m

There seems to be a desire to have back some of the old classics (broken sword, filthy rag, rusted chainmail, etc). As long as they are still useful (provide 1d1 damage or at least 1 AC) and can potentially be egos it seems fine, so I propose adding them back.

This would include putting Narsil back in. I would also propose "broken staff of Saruman" (with a potential activation) as well as some other damaged weapons/armor artifacts. A good standard to go on might be that every weapon or armor type should have at least one artifact.

#1723 fixed (in master) ranger magic moaning hboetes

You hear something moaning in the distance.

It tries to cast a spell. It fails. You see an unhappy ranger. The ranger keeps nagging about not being able to cast spells.

So... I have 4 spellbooks with me and I can't cast any offensive spells accept for magic missile. OK, so being a ranger you aren't supposed to be able to use all those crafty spells that work for a sorcerer...

OK... But I still have to drag around 4 magic books. Isn't it time to have a new special edition for rangers which has the following spells:

trap/door destruction cure poison teleport self satisfy hunger turn stone to mud reveal monsters identify

in other words all the non offensive spells from b & c? Because the rest of the spells I can simply forget about. They cost way to much mana even if they succeed to be useful.

#1414 fixed (in master) randarts: show origin standart in the spoiler magnate magnate

Suggested by Joshua (camlost) on Oook.

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