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#706 fixed (in master) Number of Blows not Correct (again!) magnate Big Al

Comp 63 character: I have a long sword of extra attacks (+2) and a flail of Westeresse (+1). When the sword is wielded, and I look at my flail, it says that I get 1 attack, but when I wield it, it says I get two attacks. Savefile attached.

Playing 3.1.0beta.

#764 fixed (in master) Magic Mapping Description wrong Big Al

The magic mapping description (line 110, list-effects.h) says that it maps in a 30-radius circle when it in fact maps a 52x23 rectangle.

#487 fixed (in master) OS X: Complicated 'Open Game' bug Big Al <Big Al>

Here's what I did (in the latest build of angband for Mac OS X):

  1. I start up Angband.
  2. I type cmd-O to open my savefile, but I accidentally open the wrong file.
  3. I type cmd-O again to open the right one, which gives me the open-file dialog box, and I choose the right file.
  4. Angband gives me the 'press any key to continue' message like normal, but doesn't open the new save game (the old game is still loaded).
  5. I realise that I can't just open a file once another file is open, so quit Angband and restart it.
  6. I load the right file this time - but the right file had been overwritten with the bad character. (I lost all my progress on my good char!)

After step two, it appears that the only way to open the save-file dialog box is to type cmd-O as the very first thing you do. If you try to select 'open' with the mouse, it's greyed out (and cmd-O doesn't work after that). If you do any other keypress first (after loading the game the first time), then cmd-O doesn't work anymore. It looks like that when I quit angband in step 5, it saved my character to the wrong file.

I realise that it's probably one of the least important bugs in the game, but it's frustrating to lose my good char (that doesn't even get on the leaderboards...). If someone ever comes up with a way to start a new game after you die or to load a game without quitting and starting up again, that should fix this.

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