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#119 worksforme Flicker of a direction prompt from 3.0.5 takkaria martinbazley

A new misfeature in 3.0.7s3 appears to be the brief flicker of a direction prompt when I press shift-number (run macro). This definitely wasn't in the previous version.

After some testing, I can confirm that it does not happen on any other variant apart from Vanilla, the most significant tests being performed on NPP050wip6, O of some description, ToME, some old Un, and Z273. On the other hand, it *does* happen on V305, as well as 307s3, which would imply some extremely recent change to the macro code which was not neccessarily made by you.

#194 worksforme 'm' no longer shows the 'which magic book prompt' anonymous

Going to be really confusing for new players.

If you wait a second or two, the prompt seems to vanish; if you quickly type ma it asks 'which spell?' from magic book a. If you type m, then pause, then a, it asks which wand to aim, as if you never typed 'm' at all.

#210 worksforme "make install" on SuSE Linux 10 fails due to /usr/local permissions takkaria takkaria

I just did ./configure and then make on SUSE 10 linux. Presumably gtk. Make install failed due to permissions for /usr/local, so I manually copied the executable up one level. It runs ok, apparently using ./lib just fine.

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