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#1070 fixed (in master) Auto-repeat the search command MarbleDice MarbleDice

The search command "s" is usually only used in places where secret doors are expected (at the end of corridors or in corners with doors around them). The search command should auto-repeat to some reasonable value, to give players a good chance of finding something when they suspect something is there.

This could repeat a race/class dependent number of times, to achieve 95% certainty, or any other value. HT Paladins need to search 26 times for 95%, while Kobold Rogues only need to search 5 times.

Magnate suggests simply auto-repeating 20 times for all classes (this is still 90% certainty even for HT Paladins).

Patch sould include other changes:

  • Add a message for searching but finding nothing
  • Prevent fruitless searches (low searching while blinded+confused)
  • Make searching an obvious flag, since all you have to do is hit "s" to discover it

See discussion

#1081 fixed (in master) Correct origin text for chest items MarbleDice magnate

Currently chest items are shown as dropping at the level of the chest, which is not the level on which the chest was opened. We need to correct either the text or the level used.

#1082 fixed (in master) Roll beneath your feet message with squelched items MarbleDice pav@…

IMHO the game should not print "You feel something roll beneath your feet" when the item in question is squelched and thus invisible in the game otherwise.

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