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#500 fixed (in master) Some of the help files have CR+LF and some have only LF Big Al <Big Al>

I know that the help files will be getting revamped soon, but for now, some of the help files show up double spaced and some of them are single spaced. This is in 309a, OS X.

The files that show up double spaced are:

  • help.hlp
  • 308.txt
  • playing.txt
  • command.txt
  • option.txt

#511 fixed (in master) OS X: Problem "Hiding" Angband Big Al <Big Al>

When you hide angband (via menu or typing cmd-H) and reopen it, all the side (term) windows are white instead of black, and don't get redrawn properly. See attached for example. Minimizing the windows works fine.

#512 fixed (in master) Make browsing the knowledge screen easier Big Al <Big Al>

With the new menus in 3.0.9 in the knowledge screens, there's no way to get from eg. the top of the monster recall down to eg. the entry on zombies - other than holding down the down arrow until you reach the bottom. In earlier versions, you could you the 9 & 3 keys to jump up & down a page at a time, respectively. Right now the 9/3 keys seem to move the cursor over one and up/down one - which is rather useless.

Or, even better, allow the user to use the letter keys to jump directly to that monster type.

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