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#515 fixed (in master) Disallow debug chars on the high score list Big Al <Big Al>

Characters that were edited using debug commands should not be allowed on the high score list. (My high scores are dominated by a couple chars that had their exp edited to a hundred-million.)

#516 fixed (in master) Feature Request: Make 'repeat last command' only repeat in-game commands Big Al <Big Al>

I use the n key a *lot* when playing (ie. repeat last command), but there are some things that should not be repeatable. Actions like 'moving the screen around', 'targeting a monster', 'viewing the help files', 'viewing the inventory', 'doing a char dump', 'doing the start of a command sequence but then canceling it', etc.

This would be immensely any many situations where eg. I'm frost-bolting a monster repeatedly, then I want to check my inventory for something and then go back to frost-bolting again. Currently, I'd need to recast and retarget the monster. It's most especially useful when I accidentally make a typo. Only "in game" actions should be repeated.

#546 fixed (in master) Allow Enter to work on options menu Big Al <Big Al>

When setting the base delay factor and the hitpoint warning percentage, I think that you should be able to press Enter to select it, instead of Escape (to be consistent with the way you would enter a number in near any other application).

Also, maybe(?) allow Enter to toggle the subwindow display settings instead of 't'.

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