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#328 fixed (in master) *_lore functions should also write to subwindows when appropriate d_m ctate

The *_lore() functions currently only write to the main game window. This is not really ideal because players will expect to see, for example, monster recall in a configured monster-recall subwindow.

In fact, monster knowledge should update a monster-recall subwindow as the person navigates the knowledge panes, not only in response to a 'r'/Enter select action.

(The same probably holds for object-recall subwindows, etc.)

#233 fixed (in master) -more- in shops is not quite right ajps ctate

Actions after buy/sell incur a superfluous (and quite annoying) 'more' prompt. Here's the scenario:

Sell something in a shop

You sold a Sling (x2) (+0,+0) (l) for 4 gold.

Press 'i' to bring up your inventory

You sold a Sling (x2) (+0,+0) (l) for 4 gold. -more-

Whoops! The 'more' prompt should not be triggered here; the data about to be displayed is the result of user request, not the continuation of the previous output.

#411 fixed (in master) ./angband -s no longer displays highscores takkaria

On linux, this is.

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