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#323 worksforme Phantom staff in [436] Justin Larue <jlarue@…>

There is a "Staff" (no flavor, not ID'd) that can't be interacted with one square to the west in the attached savefile. This is in a dungeon newly delved into in this rev of [d883f02] (SVN r436).

#333 worksforme Fixes for window positions in main-x11 morth@…

I've had a fix for the moving windows sitting on my comp for a while. Since I noticed a workaround had been added to 3.0.9, it came back to me, and here it is. The disclaimer is I've not tried it on any other WM than quartz-wm (which did have the moving windows problem).

It also contains a new -x option for choosing the name of the x11-settings.prf file to load. Useful when I play both from work (on my break ofc :)) and home. And finally it properly tells the WM that the window positions were chosen by the user. This forces (well, strongly recommends anyway) the WM to use the position specified, instead of thinking it knows better.

#362 worksforme Running over long corridors triggers redraw bug takkaria

"I turned center_player on, I run log twisting corridor. Corridor was over screen width length, so I run out of trap detecting area. I hit paralyze trap, and before I hit enter to clear prompt, I spotted second @ -sign in middle of screen, and another in top right corner on top of trap."

Probably something to do with lite_spot(), but hopefully will be removed when the new panel-change stuff is in.

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