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#1099 fixed (in master) Berserk strength glitch MarbleDice anonymous

In spell.txt, the description is "grants [...] a bonus of +12 to-hit". In calcs.c, the applied bonus to-hit is +24. So which one is correct?

#1101 fixed (in master) Clean up and document savefiles MarbleDice MarbleDice

Get rid of save-old.c and load-old.c, document current save file versioning practices, and possibly add support for loading 3.1.1 save files.

#1102 fixed (in master) Fix large bit flag fields MarbleDice MarbleDice

Goals and characteristics

  • Use list-effects.h style tables for flags and associated data
  • Sequential enum for bit flag symbols, for easier iteration and management
  • Scalable bit fields that automatically expand (at compile time) to support the defined number of bit flags.
  • A set of accessor and mutator functions for bit fields which handle the array element offset and binary flag value based on a flag's id (no more flagset or TR2_* nonsense)
  • Continue to support bit masks in a somewhat ergonomic way
  • No warnings
  • Do not unduly compromise performance
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