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#57 wontfix Do spells with edit files (like UnAngband) pmac

There are a small number of genuinely diffent spell types. It would be nice to have edit files like UnAngband? to specify spell levels, fail rates, and action. The current model (spells in p_class.txt in a mysterious order) makes it incredibly hard to add new spells.

process_spell_blows &c, with some modification to allow parse of damage, is the critical component, though some cleanup (making more tables) is needed.

#58 fixed (in master) Revert the panel change behavior to 3.0.5 behaviour. takkaria takkaria

3.0.6+ behaviour has problems with running and panel change so that you might run into undetected area. It also makes it harder to keep track what you have detected and what you haven't.


To fix:

  1. Revert using[c903bab (SVN r1)=1.47&[88b5cae] (SVN r2)=1.48 this patch]
#59 fixed (in master) needs a homepage pmac

Currently returns a blank page. Should have pointers to the trac project, the (real) wiki, etc.

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