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#160 fixed (in master) player_egid needs to be set for all SET_UID systems CJNyfalt

main.c: The player_egid variable needs to be set for all SET_UID code, not just HAVE_SETEGID. The relevant code should read like this:

#ifdef SET_UID

/* Get the user id (?) */
player_uid = getuid();

/* Save some info for later */
player_egid = getegid();

#endif /* SET_UID */

BTW, the comments could also use some cleanup.

#129 fixed (in master) Angband 3.0.7s3 code cleanup. CNyfalt

I suppose I must use this when there's no maintainer e-mail. Here's my report from going through the changes in v3.0.7s3, plus at bit of code cleanup I forgot to send in before that version was released.

  • files.c: Missing '>' in tag.
  • main-xxx, z-xxxx: Removed core function, NEVER try to crash a computer with

a real OS!

  • x-spell.c, cmd3.c: Spelling errors.
  • init2.c: Grammar error.
  • store.c, load.c, object2.c, spells2.c: Indentation & formating fix.
  • cmd1.c: Incorrect comment.
  • cmd3.c: Extra ';'.
  • object2.c, cmd5.c, init1.c: Extra tab in empty line removed.
  • save.c: Explicit void in empty argument added.
  • xtra1.c: Show nxt label correctly also if stat is drained.
  • main-gcu.c: Use parentheses around sizeof arg.
  • Makefile.gtk: squelch.c not squelch.o in source list. (Not that it matters)

Christer Nyfält

#1689 invalid Essential of Cover Letter ChanteDuboise

Beside your resume, your job cover letter is your second-most critical portion of one's employment-search deal. It has been calculated that just 50 per cent of hiring professionals or recruiters really go via cover letter. So it will be secure for you personally to write one cover letter for each and every resume you're going to send to offices. Your cover letters principal objective should be to illustrate the significance you will take to the corporation you're usually targeting.

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