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#2075 fixed (in master) Running interrupt not working? nckmccnnll

"Are we sure the interupt for run is working properly? In both V & feature. I just got double breathed on by a water vortex while running down a hall. Not the 1st time I've seen this either, it seems I get hit & then take another step. I also notice something funky when chasing something down a hall where it'll be in vision, move out of vision & I just continue running." - wobbly

#2074 fixed (in master) First cast XP too much nckmccnnll

"Traps give 1 xp on removal but casting a priest spell for the first time from book two typically give you enough for an extra level. Great news except unbalanced. I suggest a review of this (413)" - Thraalbee

Should check this for all classes.

#2073 fixed (in master) Blackguard spells nckmccnnll

Thoughts, mainly from Sky, on what blackguards are and aren't:

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