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#303 wontfix Detect monster creates 'visible' monsters that interrupts R* ChodTheWacko

Not sure if it is a bug, but it's unintuitive.

If you have 'interrupt when any monster moves', and do 'detect monster', you can't do a R* immediately after.

What seems to happen is that one of the detected monsters decides to move. You can't actually see it move since the detect monster spell ends though.

#304 wontfix Shouldn't allow more than one selection for subwindow options ChodTheWacko

It's pointless to allow more than one selection per Term window in the subwindow display settings screen.

It looks horrible, for example, if you accidentally select both 'Display player (extra) and Display player (compact).

i suggest having a selection of one option turn off the other selections for that TERM.

#305 fixed (in master) hide_squelchable acts odd for items in your inventory ChodTheWacko

If hide_squelchable = yes, and you mark an inventory item squelchable via menu or the 'K' command, you see nothing happen.

The item does get squelched if you drop it, but you can't tell the item is marked squelch. You don't see a (squelch) flag on the item. At first I thought the 'K' command didn't work at all.

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