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#381 fixed (in master) OS X: Player open dialog cannot be targetted by keyboard Adam Randall <randalla@…>

When I choose to open a file in Angband (CMD-O at startup), the window that comes up cannot gain focus, which means that I need to use the mouse to do the actual selection. Generally, when a dialog comes up, you can navigate with the keyboard to select what you want. In the case of 3.0.6, all I would do is press down once and hit return to open the player file. Now I have to use the mouse to do the same thing.

#382 fixed (in master) When a shop does not want anything, a message should be displayed when hitting 's' Adam Randall <randalla@…>

In the general store, I was trying to sell back some torches. Hitting s resulted in no screen change at all. In 3.0.6 a message would come up saying "You have nothing I want" or something similar giving the player the information they need. In 3.0.9, since nothing is displayed, and wasn't doing what I was expecting, I assumed something was wrong and broken in the interface.

#383 fixed (in master) Need ability to disable navigation in stores Adam Randall <randalla@…>

Before 3.0.8, there was no navigation in the stores using the arrow keys and enter. What I would do when I had a number of items to sell would be to quickly hit s, then the inventory slot key, then return a couple of times to clear out the messages. Now, I find that when I use the same methodology that I end up accidently buying the first item in the list, such as a book of prayers. Since I'm so used to my old ways, I'd like to be able to turn off some of the keyboard navigation in stores so that I can purchase using the old method.

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