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#2077 fixed (in master) map view problems nckmccnnll

"map view often doesn't refresh correctly: you can see your own character in there a lot of times, and sometimes remains are left of beam/cone attacks. CTRL-R corrects the errors. Apparently erasing changes from the previous turn is imperfect." - Carg

Note also that going from tiles to ascii sometimes leaves tile artifacts.

#2076 wontfix Recharge too powerful nckmccnnll

Reported multiple times, including: "1) I can recharge wands as much as I want. Never an explosion except perhaps on 2nd or 3rd consecutive charge without emptying the wand first.

2) Also, if I have a stack of n wands, a single charge spell will charge every single wand in the stack as if the spell was cast on that particular wand. So basically you get n-1 iterations of your spell for free (no mana cost or game turns lost)

Observed with a gnome mage. Tried in wizard mode too at level 30." - Thraalbee

Possibly this is for mages, not with scrolls, but it needs checking.

#2075 fixed (in master) Running interrupt not working? nckmccnnll

"Are we sure the interupt for run is working properly? In both V & feature. I just got double breathed on by a water vortex while running down a hall. Not the 1st time I've seen this either, it seems I get hit & then take another step. I also notice something funky when chasing something down a hall where it'll be in vision, move out of vision & I just continue running." - wobbly

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