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#90 fixed (in master) Save file consistency broken pmac

I just updated my build from ~[199d965] (SVN r35) or so--I can no longer open recent save files. It shows: loading a 3.0.7 savefile Unable to read inventory.

#91 fixed (in master) Store bugs takkaria pmac


  • help should collapse away when using small screens
  • weirdness with message display (can't reproduce)
  • no 'w' command
  • no 'k' command
  • store examine command is 'l', but instructions are for 'x'
  • crash on sales of initial broadsword (no broadswords in store stock)
  • no way to examine own inventory
  • sell and buy do not ask for quantities in home. Very annoying for ammo.
  • sell command ignores inscription directives (eg !* doesn't cause extra prompt)
  • need "selections" choices for store items as well as inventory. (Probably needs to be special string.)
  • page-based menus in stores
  • 'x' command should print at top of screen, not current cursor.
  • Maximum store buyback price not enforced
  • blue highlighting looks odd on just the selection letter
#92 fixed (in master) Fix GTK2 port shanoah takkaria

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