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#1196 fixed (in master) problems parsing after HTML dump takkaria

If you do a screen dump (using the ")" command) and choose the HTML format (h) it writes out a dump.prf file which it later tries to parse. You can see this happen around line 2100 of cmd4.c

There is a parse error when it reads the file:

Error 1 in line 1315 of file '/home/erik.angband/Angband/dump.prf'. -more- Parsing 'K:0:0x01:0x26' -more-

#319 fixed (in master) problem with autopickup eddiegrove@…

Occasionally, autopickup does not work. I step onto an object, and get a "You see a ..." message instead of picking it up. I've been making mods, but I do not believe any of them mess with the savefile, and when I recompiled without my mods I got the same behavior. It is possible that the ring has INSCRIP_AVERAGE marked, if my mods were buggy, though I doubt it.

I will try to attach a savefile. Step directly diagonally onto the ring to see the problem. Step up and then left and it picks up just fine.

#956 fixed (in master) printf formatting issues in dumps d_m fph

I read in this (build 1642) dump

(in a "player note" added with the command ":" ) 325767 4150' 40 !WIS from marilith, 0 0.000000ail again

It seems like some printf-like function failed on a note containing "%f".

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