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#87 fixed (in master) Prompt for overwriting an existing savefile ajps elsairon@…

This kills characters occasionally, and shouldn't be so hard to do in a spare moment.

#108 fixed (in master) Fix RISC OS port ajps ajps

main-ros.c needs mouse support adding at the very least (done in [d98d6ae] (SVN r95)), probably a few other improvements to keep up with the codebase by the time of release.

Makefile.ros needs to be added again, to allow native compiles (as requested by users).

#162 fixed (in master) Macro issues ajps ajps
  • Function keys don't work as macro triggers. (All the function keys are mapped to ^_.) Report:
  • When pressing the trigger key, you currently have to press the trigger key, then hit escape, which is very counter-intuitive. First, enter should work. Second, it shouldn't really be letting you enter more then one key anyway. It should just move on to the action after you hit a key.
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