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#422 fixed (in master) The new dungeon code seems to have broken the connected stair code ChodTheWacko

Just an FYI

#521 fixed (in master) strange startup hang problem on XP ChodTheWacko

For whatever reason, Angband hangs on my machine during startup if I have a command prompt open.

For example, I can do this: Okay, well, this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

If I run the binary, and I have a 'command prompt' open, Angband hangs at startup. If I exit all command windows, then it will start. The hanging Angband will also resume if I exit the command prompt.

So I can do something like: start -> run -> cmd

in the new command prompt: F:\Documents and Settings\Frank>cd i:\games\angsrc\trunk F:\Documents and Settings\Frank>i: I:\games\angsrc\trunk>start angband

(angband hangs)

I:\games\angsrc\trunk>exit (command prompt closes and angband pops up!)

This also happens with the nightly builds.

This currently always happens on my box - I'm running XP.

#556 fixed (in master) Need a 'reset squelch' option at creation ChodTheWacko

This annoyed the hell out of me until I found a workaround.

Angband currently does: 1) In squelch menu, only shows you objects you've encounted for that character 2) It retains squelch memory (what you've marked squelch) for previous character

(if you say, die, and reload the save file to retain monster memory)

Once you have a high level character, you can/are probably marking almost everything squelched to get around TMJ. Now let's say you die, and you start a new character. Everything is still marked 'squelch' but you can't unset anything because you haven't encountered that object yet.

So from then on, for almost every new object, after you ID it, you have to go into the squelch menu to unsquelch it.

When you create a new character, it should ask you if you want to unsquelch all items from the previous character.

The workaround is to open up the pref file, and manually reset the squelch section to unsquelch by changing :1 to :0 (in vi, something like :450,$s/:1$/:0 )

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