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#1042 fixed (in master) A better fix for the lite room bug. Tobias

I have been looking into the lite room bug bug1022 and the rather clungy fix for it [f163806] (SVN r1809).

I have logged some variables and found the real culprit. in the function lite_room the loop assumes that temp_n was 0 when cave_temp_room_aux is called the first time in line 2545.

If temp_n wasn't 0 but 1 (what sometimes happens). the starting values y1 and y2 are in temp_x[1], instead of temp_x[0], and temp_x[0] is uninitialized.

The loop now ties to find the rooms around both temp_x[1] (the real room) and temp_x[0] ( a random value).

With the current fix, if temp_x[0] is in a real room, it will get lighted.

Setting temp_n =0 at the start of lite_room fixes the problem more cleanly.

Although there might be some more functions that assume temp_n to be 0 when it isn't.

#1364 fixed (in master) A couple object.txt typos Zaxx
  • the description of the Cutlass says "the sabre is a slashing sword" instead of "cutlass"
  • all allocation values for common armor parts have been changed to 20, except for Leather Boots (still 110)

Rings of Strength have allocation from 10 to 100 (all other stat rings are 30 to 100). Is that intended?

Rods of Curing have a mimimum allocation level of 10 and a base level of 65, which will generate "superb" feelings each time this crappy item is generated at low/mid level. Intended again?

#749 fixed (in master) A uniform way to access player knowledge of player state stefanor@…

In the trunk at the time of writing, you can examine a red worm mass to find out if you are wearing unidentified fire resistance equipment. There's currently code in files.c to extract known resistances, but it's interwoven with the code for displaying the ability tables and thus of no use. One solution (stolen from Crawl) is to add a bool known_only parameter to calc_bonuses; I'd like a second opinion before implementing this. Side benefit: we can get rid of p_ptr->state.dis_to_h and friends.

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