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#79 wontfix Add main-net.c takkaria

One that sends/receives updates via TCP/IP.

This allows slim clients on machines where Angband isn't available. The clients could be written in almost any programming language and have minimal hardware requirements.

Useful for competition servers. Don't just send term updates, but send updated stats/map info in some useful form. This is useful mainly to see what kind of abstractions would be necessary to have an entirely new GUI (e.g. for gameboy or something Tk-like).

#80 worksforme Add main-gba.c takkaria

Yes, a Gameboy Advance SP port.

Should be possible, as long as:

  • pref file reading can be turned off (and all other file reading)
  • lib/edit/ files can be converted into C code
  • there is an option that disallows the player from saving pref-files, character dumps, and screenshots

Other than this, we need good mouse support, and a way to resize the dungeon, etc.

Useful links:

#82 fixed (in master) Write Angband coding guidelines takkaria

Codify the set of guidelines that the game currently follows wrt. code style. (Also add changes like no-parens around return/sizeof, and similar.)

Also, upload anindent (GNU indent with sfuerst's patches). Patch it up some more so it does things as closely as possible according to the guidelines.

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