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#164 fixed (in master) Add option for turning on/off mouse pathfinding support ajps ajps

Clicking on the game window might cause death with mouse support turned on, so it should probably be optional rather than always-on.

Two possible solutions:

  • An in-game "interface" option
  • Port-specific front end options for those that need it
#169 fixed (in master) Self knowledge display ('~') revealing too much ajps takkaria

Looks like the "self knowledge" display is showing attributes from un-ID'd equipment. Found a robe of elvenkind @ 300ft can see the "hidden powers" on the self knowledge screen.

#170 fixed (in master) UI niggles ajps takkaria
  • Numpad keys (2, 8) don't work in-store.
  • Not obvious when selecting an item on the knowledge screen ('~') why things don't work.
  • "My inventory and equip windows swap sides every time I try to equip or use something. If I have both windows up, there's no reason to make the inv window show equips or vice versa." This didn't happen in 3.0.7 or before.
  • Might be useful to have a confirmation of what item should be purchased in stores.
  • In stores, the display shows a -more- prompt even when all the stock is in fact on view, if the list reaches the bottom of the screen.
  • In stores, switching between the help and non-help views has odd behaviour on leaving and re-entering.
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