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#557 fixed (in master) autosquelch squelches 'good' cursed items ChodTheWacko

Something kind of new is that certain objects which used to be good can now be cursed.

For example: ring of resist fire (cursed).

squelch_worthless will, if you get one of these, turn on squelch for 'ring of resist fire' because the object_value() of the cursed one is zero. There should be a special case for items that are only sometimes cursed.

#558 fixed (in master) Vaults don't have good objects ChodTheWacko

Noted in the newsgroup - Caused by the changes to make_object in revision 404.

You really want:

do {

/* Pick a random object */

#if 0

k_idx = get_obj_num(base, kind_is_good);


k_idx = get_obj_num(base);


/* Keep if it's good, or try again */ if (kind_is_good(k_idx)) break;

} while (good)

so that if the good flag is passed in via VAULT drop, or a 'good' flagged monster drop, that you are guaranteed a good object.

as it stands now, with the good/great flag, it just tries 3/5 times and settles for whatever after that.

#559 invalid ID store items ChodTheWacko

I don't know how feasable this is, but something I've always wanted was the ability to ID an item in a store without buying it.

For example, if a store is selling a mace of *slay animal* then it has some random power - gain intelligence, telepathy, who knows. You can't tell what it is unless you buy it. So a lot of times I end up buying it, not liking the power, then selling it back.

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