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#2068 fixed (in master) Spell targeting problems nckmccnnll

"Druids' Lightning Strike has hilariously broken targeting mechanics- it ignores both range and LOS.

Why settle for a hockeystick when you can randomly bombard the far end of the map?

Also, Meteor Swarm isn't hitting monsters is it targeted through, so you cant get the kill-and-keep-going effect unless you fire cardinal directions. " - kaypy

#2067 fixed (in master) Crash in Command spell nckmccnnll

"Crash Bug: Just used "Command" on an Ancient Green Dragon, successfully took control, and commanded the AGD to attack a neighboring AGD. Instant game crash." - Ingwe

#2066 fixed (in master) Bad teleport range nckmccnnll

"@, a Dunadan Rogue, successfully cast "Teleport Self" from The Book of Trickery. The information for that spell now shows the word "range", but without any number for the range." - Ingwe

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