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#1401 fixed (in master) parser_parse() fails to parse "char str" specifications properly. myshkin myshkin

The test parse/parser/char1 currently fails. Its specification is "test-char1 char c0 int i0 char c1 str s", but with input "test-char1:::34:::lala", it assigns ":lala" to the string s. There is an unusual interaction between the strtok() call for char handling and a subsequent call to strtok() for string handling. This does not appear to happen for other types that precede strings.

#344 fixed (in master) p_ptr->command_wrk not reset in get_item() Big Al

If you do an action that requires the selection of an item, and the inventory list pops up by default, then you get odd behavior occasionally regarding browsing inventory vs. equipment.

Eg, in a shop:

  • Press 'd' to sell an item; it (normally) shows you a list of your inventory that you can sell.
  • Then, you can press '/' to view your equipment that you can sell.
  • Sell an item (or just cancel the prompt).
  • Press 'd' again to sell another item; it now shows the list of equipment that you can sell, not the inventory as expected.

I think adding p_ptr->command_wrk = FALSE; to somewhere near the end of get_item() should fix it.

#1260 fixed (in master) p command does not recognise @pX inscriptions magnate

Start a priest or paladin. Inscribe ?PB1 with @pX where X is a single digit. Then press p followed by your chosen digit: the inscription is ignored.

I suspect this was introduced when p was accidentally deleted and then restored.

If we chose to fix #309 now, we could close this at the same time.

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