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#175 fixed (in master) Help problems in the birth screen. ajps takkaria
  • Can't use help on the character selection screen for roller type
  • Reading help about, e.g. a particular race resets the currently "selected" menu item.
#185 fixed (in master) Monster knowledge ('~') display incorrect if no uniques have been found ajps Big Al

In the monster knowledge display, it always displays the first entry in the list as uniques, even if no uniques have been seen yet. Something wrong with mon_summary() in cmd4.c.

Eg. if you've just started a new game and only seen a couple townspeople, it says '2 known uniques, 0 slain' rather than 'creatures slain: 0/0' under the entry for 'Men'.

#186 fixed (in master) Targeting incorrectly describes objects ajps Big Al

When targeting (using either target - '*' or look - 'l'), if you target an object, it says "It is on <the object>" rather than "You see a <object>", as it did in 3.0.7. Works find for terrain and monsters.

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