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#562 fixed (in master) Ego items shouldn't be 'average' or 'cursed' for squelching ChodTheWacko

I don't think Ego items should ever be considered 'average' or 'cursed' in terms of squelching, if you have squelch set to 'squelch average/cursed'

This is particularly annoying when an say, a helmet of Light gets blasted by Water hounds and then goes to [+3, +0], and then gets marked (squelch) automatically.

#565 invalid can't sell a staff ChodTheWacko

Testcase included.

I am carrying a staff of slowness, which I can see in my inventory. When I go into the magic store, though, it doesn't show up in the items available to sell.

running (almost) recent trunk version.

#610 fixed (in master) No room to pick up gold ChodTheWacko

I can't pick up adamantite with a full inventory: Message: You have no room for 74 adamantite pieces worth of gold.

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