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#537 fixed (in master) ARROW_* attacks should not always hit takkaria

Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd wrote:

Even with the player's damage reduction from armor, pre-stat gain with the V3.0.9 damage calculation that's likely to come in at 50-60 hp/incoming arrow hit, somewhat more than a V3.0.9 ARROW_4.

Which does BTW bring out another small change in my mind. Orcs and other monsters that shoot arrows always hit and AC doesn't reduce damage. That is not realistic. Maybe some new code is in order for arrows and boulder-attacks. Currently those are spells that never miss.

Timo Pietilä

#1423 duplicate Accents do not always display properly myshkin

In object recall window or in the main window, when examining Eonwe, the first line has no accents, and the description displays the wrong character. Reported in this oook thread for the SDL port and the Mac port.

#924 fixed (in master) Accessibility: add location informatoin when 'l'ooking takkaria

It has been suggested that blind or partially-sighted users may find it useful to have e.g. 'open door, 14 n, 35 e" when using the look or target commands.

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