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#2065 worksforme Bad town chunk nckmccnnll

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#2064 fixed (in master) set_pit_type sometimes (often) fails to produce a valid pit fizzix

The function set_pit_type can fail to produce a valid pit which will cause a crash. This is averted by wrapping the function in a "while True" loop and only exiting when a valid pit has been created. The failure is very common in lair and gauntlet calls but extremely rare in generic pit calling.

set_pit_type() should be changed to always ensure a valid pit is chosen given the appropriate criteria, rather than the criteria being applied after.

#2063 wontfix Object can sometimes fail to be created in mon_create_drop() fizzix

This only occurs in the feature/magic branch

Sometimes an object can fail to be created properly. Currently this occurs with prayer books, and possibly because the game is trying to create a prayer book that no longer exists. This will cause a game crash.

The crash is currently averted with an "if (!obj) continue;" statement, but really we should fix the item creation to be more robust.

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